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SuiteCRM Customization Services

SuiteCRM is an enterprise-ready free open source alternative to all the major CRM Product Suites like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and other proprietary software and displacing traditional vendors in large accounts. With rich, powerful, flexible and user-friendly features like Workflow Automation, Marketing Automation, Sales Pipeline Automation, Customer Account Management, and Service Desk Automation; it brings Out-Of-The-World Experience for its end users and is adopted globally by Start-ups to Global Enterprises. We at Engage48, use Agile and process driven approach to build a robust and customized SuiteCRM web solution for enterprises in achieving their CRM Business goals.

SuiteCRM Features

SuiteCRM Services - CRM Services -

SuiteCRM represents one of the best open source and fully customizable CRM solutions available in the market. Here are the awesome features you could expect for different user types within the organization

Sales: Provide your sales agents with a clear overview of their leads, allowing them to detect new opportunities and close deals easier and faster.

Marketing: With SuiteCRM you can create campaigns, send out mailings, automate marketing tasks and see the results in reports. Improve your marketing, grow the interest in your product or service and send better leads over to sales.

Service: Deliver the best service to your customers with less effort. Use the Cases module for efficient and organized communication with your clients and incorporate template responses to save time. All the customer communication is saved in the CRM, providing you with a complete overview of the provided service, and the ability to detect where you can improve.

IT: With SuiteCRM you are in full control over your own CRM. You decide where you deploy the CRM, on-premise or in a cloud, and you have full control over all the data and code. SuiteCRM is deservedly described as the world’s most popular open source CRM.

Easily customize the CRM to fit the needs of your company. Use the Studio to create custom module fields, layouts, and relationships, and use the extremely powerful Security Suite Group Management feature to control what your users can access, locking down sensitive data to specific groups or teams.

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Engage48’s SuiteCRM Services

SuiteCRM Customization

Our SuiteCRM customization services help businesses in meeting their unique needs and evolving processes by customizing SuiteCRM’s existing modules and developing SuiteCRM custom modules while effectively mapping onto the SuiteCRM system. SuiteCRM module customization or SuiteCRM custom module development and SuiteCRM Integration approach is a proven way for improving Marketing Process Automation, Sales Process Automation and Customer Support Service Automation processes building an integrated and centralized platform for effective collaboration across teams and hence with end customers.

We can assist you in effectively configuring SuiteCRM default modules, developing new functionalities through SuiteCRM custom modules, customizing SuiteCRM interfaces as per end users’ preferences, configuring workflows using SuiteCRM workflow module or creating custom workflows building logic hooks; in short, we can take care of everything that you need to run your business powerfully generating better ROI. Our SuiteCRM consultants and SuiteCRM developers work closely with our clients and make sure that the SuiteCRM solutions work for them with less end-user adoption hassles. We strictly follow SuiteCRM development guidelines for upgrade safe customization.

  • Custom Module Development
  • Custom Workflows
  • SuiteCRM Interface Customization
  • SuiteCRM Integration with third-party applications
  • Integration with REST APIs
  • Custom Dashlet and Custom Report Development

SuiteCRM Development

With the wide range of sales and marketing experience, Engage48’s CRM practice provides highly cost-effective Customized Open Source SuiteCRM based solutions for Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Customer Support Automation, Workflow Automation, Order & Invoicing Management, Accounting Integration, Telephony Integration etc. Being users and adopters of a wide range of CRM ourselves, we are committed to your success with a Customized SuiteCRM solution Designed and Implemented at your organization. Our SuiteCRM experts can help you in building an Integrated CRM platform through effective SuiteCRM Configuration and upgrade safe SuiteCRM Customization. We are a team of CRM technology experts and marketing practitioners with several years of CRM development and implementation experience across industry verticals.

  • SuiteCRM Plugin Development
  • SuiteCRM Configuration
  • SuiteCRM Customization
  • SuiteCRM Integration
  • SuiteCRM Migration
  • SuiteCRM Upgrade
  • SuiteCRM Implementation
  • SuiteCRM Deployment

SuiteCRM Consulting

Engage48 provides consulting services to help assist you with the implementation and installation of SuiteCRM which you already have. Need help with your installation or just have questions about the system and not sure where to go from here? We will provide you the details or help you out in resolving your issues related to SuiteCRM installation. Engage48 CRM Consulting practice provides highly cost-effective open source CRM based solutions for Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Workflow Automation, Order & Invoicing Management, Accounting Integration, Telephony Integration etc. We have a team of experienced CRM developers and subject matter experts having many years of experience in SuiteCRM implementation and consulting services.

SuiteCRM Integration

Engage48 offers SuiteCRM Integration services that are flexible and smart moves towards better-integrated CRM solutions. Our team of SuiteCRM experts can help you customize the CRM solution as per your business needs by avoiding duplicate automation efforts while integrating all your business-critical applications to save time and cost-effectively. Our SuiteCRM integration solutions are highly scalable, easily maintainable and with low dependency on the core of the integrated applications since they are mostly API based solutions. We bring in a high level of CRM domain knowledge and SuiteCRM technology expertise to design, develop and implement integrated CRM platform for you to streamline your processes, have a centralized data repository and build a high collaborating team environment.

  • SuiteCRM Telephony Integration
  • SuiteCRM Integration with payment gateways
  • SuiteCRM Web Integration
  • SuiteCRM Integration with Social Media Platforms
  • SuiteCRM Integration with Accounting Software
  • SuiteCRM Integration with Gmail
  • SuiteCRM Integration with ERP
  • SuiteCRM Integration with Outlook
  • SuiteCRM Integration with third-party applications

SuiteCRM Migration

Engage48’s data migration services can assist you in seamlessly migrating from your existing CRM to SuiteCRM without any downtime and data or functionality loss. Our SuiteCRM migration experts work with you closely and start with migration planning then execute migration and make sure of effective end-user adoption of SuiteCRM platform. Our SuiteCRM migration solutions will seamlessly migrate all the data, their relationships, and functionalities of your current CRM system which includes Users, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Events, Meetings, Calls, Notes, Tasks, Attachments data along with workflows and reports.

Why You Should Migrate to SuiteCRM?

The answer is very obvious – you get all of the features and benefits plus added efficiency and all at much, much-reduced prices. This helps you cut unnecessary money you have been spending. Engage48 offers cost-effective CRM migration services with customized SuiteCRM development and integration modules you may need.

SuiteCRM Migration Capabilities

  • SugarCRM CE to SuiteCRM Migration Services
  • SugarCRM Pro to SuiteCRM Migration Services
  • Salesforce to SuiteCRM Migration Services
  • Goldmine to SuiteCRM Migration Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics to SuiteCRM Migration Services

Industries Supported

A) Healthcare

Keep in full control over all your sensitive data with SuiteCRM, running it on your own servers or on your own cloud of choice, while improving sales and service processes. The flexibility of the CRM allows you to create rich customer profiles, while the API allows you to connect all the data to your other systems. Whether you are running a small-mid-sized hospital, diagnostic lab or a healthcare distributorship, SuiteCRM offers the right modules and tools to engage with your customers and internal stakeholders better and faster.

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B) Manufacturing

SuiteCRM, world’s most popular open source CRM, makes a perfect fit for any enterprise in the Manufacturing industry. Provide your sales team with a complete overview of which customers are interested in what products, enabling them to cross sell and increase revenue. Engage48 can customize SuiteCRM as per your internal workflows and customer relationship process. We can also help you automate complex processes and use the API to create a seamless integration with your ERP or other software. Link valuable data from your ERP, like order and invoice history, to SuiteCRM, and identify trends in purchase habits that can be used in the sales effort.

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3) Real Estate

A real estate CRM software helps you serve your clients better by providing you with a seamless experience across the client lifecycle. Its single, unified system stores and organises all contacts, manages leads, tracks communication and opportunities, automates workflows, analyses sales and helps you maintain quality relationship with your clients.With clients being the backbone of your business, it’s imperative that you, as real estate agents, stay on your toes in anticipating their needs better, establishing consistency in maintaining your relationship with them and delivering speedily. The more personalized your engagement with your clients, the more loyalty you gain, the better brand you build, the more business you get, and the more money you make.

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